Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Challenge

Flowering plants, like those of Nang Celia’s rice, produce new seeds and make new plants. Under right environmental condition, this new plant begins its new life. This new plant must find plenty of space, good soil and enough sunshine so that it will now stop growing until it will in turn produce new plants and flowers.
Four years had passed since BftW and NIRD, as parent plant, first sow the seed of development in Canlaon; new plants have grown and they are in different stages of development; most are in their flowering stage, others are bearing fruits, while others the seeds are ripening.

There may be many more Jocelyns, Samies, Tay Idols, Nang Celias and SFAWMULCOs in Canlaon who have reached different levels of development and satisfaction. Jocelyn on her part is positive she could be in Nang Celia’s shoes in two or three years. Jocelyn prays Nonoy’s case will soon be finally resolved so that she can start turning into another chapter of her life towards achieving a better quality of life for her family.

Feedbacks shared by some partners through their “I feel” letters to NIRD substantiate their assessment characterizing the partners’ level of development in the “flowering” stage. Nonoy may not have lived longer to see the plant he helped sow but he must have smelled the scent of the blooming flowers from where he is now.
In the future when the seeds are ripe, they must leave the parent plants to find their own growth and development. For the meantime, let us make a thousand flowers bloom so that from them a thousand more seeds are produced and a thousand new plants are grown in due time.


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